Security & SSL

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If you're running an eCommerce website, it's very important that your customers feel secure and comfortable in giving you their credit card information to pay. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a standard safety lock to set up an encrypted connection between a server and a client- normally a web server and a browser, or a little server and mail client (e.g. Outlook). It's a security protocol, which created and developed from the Netscape to transfer data across the internet in a safe way.

InfoGanga is a top SSL Certificates provider in Uttarakhand offers various secure SSL certificates at very fair price from the leading providers. When clients see the SSL certificate seal in your website, they know that they can trust the connection, and trust the trade. We've got a number of options when choosing SSL providers which enable you to evaluate your requirements as a company and research what different choices we have to offer.

Security-as-a-service with Managed Security Services (MSS) that helps minimize risks, protect critical information and effectively reduce the cost and complexity of your security infrastructure.

We deliver modern backup-and-recovery capabilities to keep your business data safe and available: On premises. At remote offices. And in the cloud.