Pathalogy Lab Management Software

This solution is useful for Pathology lab centers to manage their businesses.

Pathology Lab Management System, helps to manage Patients information, Appointment, Lab Request and Lab Result with report.

Our Pathology Lab Management System is a product that coordinate and integrate all the activities involved in the management and running of a pathology center.

InfoGanga develop the easiest pathology Reporting Software for Diagnostic Laboratories . It gives high quality report printing and provides efficient management of lab records. This program is user friendly, it is menu and popup based software, i.e. you don’t have to remember codes for tests and doctor names. Just select the test or doctor’s name from the list.

This fully integrated system automates the entire laboratory process. Electronically receiving requisitions from providers, allowing for specimen management including images, quickly and efficiently generating comprehensive pathology reports with results help to streamline the process. Pre-configured templates allow users to view and retrieve historical information, analyze data and helps users meet regulatory requirements. The integrated web portal allows providers to quickly gain access to pathology results and associated images from anywhere.

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