Project Management Software

Custom Project Management Software: Core & Extended Features, Benefits, Costs

To easily and effectively manage multiple projects and globally dispersed teams, through a centralized online project management console.

Whether you’re a start-up or running an ongoing enterprise, contracting with Project Management Services is always desirable. This is a back-office support for businesses of all sizes and genres. In this InfoGanga, based in Uttarakhand plays a vital role providing the needed support and guidance to successfully run your projects. We have vast experience in developing project management software solutions to increase the efficiency of your business process management efforts.

Manage distributed project teams online – Create project, tasks, sub-tasks, schedule tasks, assign tasks & sub-tasks to manager and employees, set dependencies, track progress, due date reminders and notifications by email and sms, generate reports, automatic invoice generation.

No matter where you or your teams are located, you just need good internet connection and you can start managing and collaborating on projects. There are no hardware & software constraints, no software to download, no installations, no need to worry about data loss. Just sign up online and get going!

Key Features of Custom Project Management Software

Based on InfoGanga's 12-year experience in software development, we can outline the core functionality of a custom project management system.

Universal Access

Create Tasks

Task Dependencies

Centralized Project Management

Integrated Collaboration Tools

Manage Responsibilities & Permissions

To Do Lists

Automatic Notifications

Time Management